Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Looks like I'm going to be getting neck-deep into the Crusades in the near future. I'm planning to write a couple of semi-historical comics about the pilgrims' road to Jerusalem. And to go along with my new interest, why not paint a Saracen army? Here's 21 swordsmen/archers -- this army's going to have a lot of this sort of soldier, which I love, because I can take my position and arrow away at you all day, and if you feel like closing to fight with swords: hey, lucky you, we brought swords too. These guys' outfits might be a little too colorful to be historically accurate, but I don't care. Who wants to paint a hundred brown tunics? These are festive Saracens.

 Sometimes its fun to check out what army everybody else is building, and then build their primary opponents. Everybody likes to paint medieval knights, so everybody should be spoiling for a Crusade. Right? Nothing beats dying in the sand and having vultures eat your eyes.