Friday, August 23, 2013

More Saracens

Members of the Richmond Leisure society haven't seen me in a few weeks. But I'm still out there, lurking, painting, looking forward to my next clash with the infidel. Behold: my growing army of Saracens.

I'd like to add some captions of badass Muslim war-cries but I'm afraid I'd end up using keywords that would land me on an NSA watch list. I'll just give you some oud music instead, to listen to as you click on and gaze at my pics.

This force is far from battle-ready because it is all foot soldiers and Saracen might derived largely from their fast, agile cavalry (mounted on mares!) And don't worry, my Frankish friends, I have plenty of horsemen, and they will be pretty enough for a 28mm scale battlefield soon. Meet me at Acre, at Edessa, at Jaffa. The streets will run with the blood of the unbelievers!

I'm looking to do some Middle Eastern city features & buildings, too. My results sculpting buildings in the past have been so-so.