Sunday, February 17, 2013

The making of a tower

I took an oatmeal container and glued spitballs in roughly stonelike shapes. I attached them with a water/Elmer's glue mixture (basically paper mache).

Then I primed the whole thing gray.

 Kind of sloppily drybrushed a lighter gray onto the surface of the stones.

It's a serviceable tower, but next time I'm going to prime it white and paint the stones gray (the lighter mortar will look more naturalistic) and I'm going to make those spitballs smaller and more regularly shaped.


  1. Sorry - what is a spitball?


    1. Tony, thanks for being the first stranger to post on my blog! A spitball is a lump of waterlogged paper that schoolchildren throw at each other. My "bricks" are crumpled up bits of toilet tissue soaked in a mixture of water and Elmer's glue. No spit was used in the creation of my tower.