Thursday, February 13, 2014

Easy stucco house with tile roof

A little bit of my own ingenuity, a little bit of stealing ideas from the Internet, stir together, and I've got a pretty good formula for a nice Mediterranean looking house.
This is just some cut up foam core board. Two of the sides slope and are identical;the nonsloping sides differ are the same width but differ in height by about an inch.

Applying regular Elmer's glue to one side of each wall. I'm going to smear them around with some water on a paintbrush.
Sand has been applied to two of the walls to give it that bumpy stucco quality.

Genius that I am, I allowed for windows but forgot the door.
Peel back the top layer on a piece of corrugated cardboard to reveal this wavy, bumpy texture.
Now you can see the four walls, assembled and spray painted white, and the cardboard, backed on more cardboard, cut into strips just slightly overlaying each other.
And this is the more or less finished product: two shades of terra cotta paint for the roof, a last minute door made of wood strips mounted on a piece of black cardboard to create the illusion of depth (and compensating for my forgetting a sandless space to mount a door.

I just love this little guy; it was as easy as pie and will work great for an urban environment in most Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cityscapes.