Monday, May 23, 2016

Amazon hoplites, a bit late for Women's History Month

Were there women warriors in the Greek world like the mythology claims? At this point a number of women have been found buried with arms and armor from north of the Black Sea, which would put them in the cultural region the Greeks knew as Scythia. 
These miniatures are from Casting Room, which is Foundry. They're armored like Greek hoplites which seems pretty ahistorical, but they appealed to me. I already have a Trojan army (to which these warriors could serve as allies) so I'm happy to wargame some pseudo-history. 

I gave them pelte rather than hoplon or aspis shield because it helps them seem more distinct from the Greek hoplites. Also those hoplon shields are big and bulky; these Amazons have slimmer bodies than a lot of male figures and can get away with a smaller, lighter shield. Shield designs are based on actual Scythian jewelry. 

Hey, as long as we're talking about powerful women, I also just finished painting this Hellenistic queen. Artemisia? Merope? Zenobia? Cleopatra? Helen? I'm not sure when/how I'm going to use her -- as if using miniatures were the point of painting miniatures.

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