Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sacred spring of Aphrodite with water effect

Good looking terrain adds a lot of flavor to a game, and trees and rocks are bound to get stale after awhile. I bring you the Sacred Spring of Aphrodite. This is actually an upgrade of a piece of terrain that I had done before. From top to bottom, the statue is a Greek Civilian from Warlord Games painted in ivory standing on a rounded wooden 25mm "checker", also painted off-white. Underneath her, several crudely wrought pieces of styrofoam. This is the old styrofoam that appears to be made out of little pebbles -- they'd be ugly 90% of the time but here I think they work, suggesting a composite rock formation -- I'm no geologist. I cut a gouge into the styrofoam and painted it blue, green, and white for some water agitation. The pool at the bottom is a mixture of PVA glue and paint -- I got that mixture to a light blue and then, after painting a thick soup into the ring surrounded by the little (fake) stones, I stirred in some darker blue in a circular motion and stopped before it was mixed in, creating what I think is a nice swirling effect -- the water moves because of the trickle down the rock. All the greenery is either cuts from a bit of JTT flowering meadow or just glued-on flock. The small flowers are also JTT meadow, the larger flowers are real dead flowers that at one point I thought would last forever, but probably won't.

She's a fun terrain piece because she gives flavor to any Classical battleground, and could even have an enchantment effect if you were to play a fantasy game around her.

I offer this as tribute to Aphrodite, sprung from the Sea-Foam, wife of Hephaestus, lover of Adonis, Anchises, Cinyras, Dionysus, Hermes, and Ares, goddess of the shell and the comb and the net. Deliver me a woman with a tiny spark of your divine beauty, and excellent hair.

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