Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sparabara, Elephants, Greek Cavalry, Psiloi, and Indians: what I did for Christmas break

I'm not crazy about uniforms; a lot of my troops are motley but sometimes you've got to have the unifying influence of an imperial superpower depicted in matching pajamas. Hence, my sparaparas.
 Did you know the word "pajamas" comes from Persia? This blog is educational.
Only the red and yellow sparas are new. I placed them with their blue and purple brethren to show the contrast between squads.

 And these studs are my Immortals. Only half are new. I had to turn an 8 man unit into a 16 man unit because small units in Hail Caesar are never heavy hitters (makes sense), and the Immortals should be deadly -- mind you, they'll still prefer missile fire over engaging with any of the other elite foot soldiers of their day.
 Elephants! Not much you need to say about elephants. They're big; sometimes they step on you. I'm really digging the scalemail on that rider on the beast in the middle. Also I glued a Persian bow to his back just in case anybody ever whined about that elephant having a ranged weapon (as the standard Hail Caesar elephant unit has). There's a part of me that wants to slap some brass tusk-sheathes on these guys and some Indian designs on their blankets, but for the moment, I'm happy with them

 Greek slingers! and a couple of javelin men. Got em on ebay for cheap.

The last time I played my Greeks I was dismayed by how little cavalry I had, so I painted these dudes up.

Indian swordsmen! I have so many charismatic Indians in the Persian army that they may have to break off into their own division -- including those elephants, of course.

 I've been brainstorming some terrain ideas, and came up with this ruin -- a fishtank decoration mounted with some talus, cork, and moss. Also this annoying not-quite-static grass I have that I can't figure how to get into any shape except this little plume.

Cheap plastic palm trees based with sand add a little desert flair.
 And these are what I'm happiest about -- modular difficult terrain. Just a few patches of rocky ground that you could put anywhere. Talus and sand on bases that aren't sized right for any of my men. The upper three also have bits of Christmas wreath

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